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Support Children Impacted by COVID-19 and Family Separation

Will YOU be a HERO this fall for children?

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Make children smile this fall!

Support Families Impacted by COVID-19 and Family Separation

Your gift empowers children who have been impacted by the pandemic

Since 1996, Kids’ Turn San Diego has been serving families going through separation and we are helping in ways we never could have imagined. While no one knows or can predict our future, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE RIGHT NOW for children!

The fall of 2020 is a time of great uncertainty. Businesses are still closed, there have been devastating effects on jobs, family finances and now most schools are online, resulting in parents becoming teachers and our children becoming our students. At Kids’ Turn San Diego, we’re hearing, “I work in a restaurant, went back to work but who knows now when I will return” and “I’m back at work but I’m so far behind in my bills, I want to attend the Family Workshop Program but I just can’t afford it without help”.

Children and their families are in great need of supportive programs and financial assistance to attend the programs. YOUR GIFT WILL ENSURE A CHILD AND THEIR FAMILY HAVE THE SUPPORT THEY NEED!

Thanks to our Sponsor a Child Heroes, several children and families have been sponsored throughout the year but the need far exceeds current support! THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP! To make it possible for every child and family to attend our program without anyone worrying about finances, please make a gift to Kids’ Turn San Diego. You can provide a lifeline to these children and assure a brighter future for them.

Kids' Turn San Diego strives to provide uninterrupted services and has successfully transitioned all our programs to virtual models. Costs are higher but we have NOT pushed a single cost out to a family. As COVID-19 continues to be among us, and as we transition to a “new normal”, we ask you to make an investment in a child's future.

Your gift will ensure that a child feels happy, heard and understood.

WE can do this! Your gift of $600 sponsors children and two parents; your gift of $300 sponsors a child and their parent; and all other amounts sponsor a child. Just imagine, parents are listening to their children, engaging in fun activities, and children are smiling from ear to ear. YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Please sponsor a child and create happier children and healthier families. COVID-19 cannot take this opportunity away from you. Become a Sponsor and BE A CHILD’S HERO TODAY!